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Applied Nutrition

Applied Nutrition 500ml Bullet Shaker

Applied Nutrition 500ml Bullet Shaker

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Applied Nutrition 500ml Bullet Shaker

Mix your supplements in style with this Applied Nutrition 500ml Bullet Shaker Bottle. From a popular and trusted UK brand, you can rest assured that this BPA free protein shaker cup will exceed your mixing expectations. Want the bottle but not sure what smoothies to create? Check out our Education Vault article 'The Best Store Cupboard Dtimulant Free Pre-workout Drinks'.

Designed and manufactured to make shaking and mixing a breeze, this supplement shaker bottle has ZERO internal corner areas which ensures ingredients don't build up and get stuck. Create delicious smoothies and shakes in seconds with no waste! This Applied Nutrition 500ml Bullet Shaker has a sleek design that is both stylish and practical for everyday use. The protein shaker is a portable, handheld blender for quick and easy blending at home or on the go. It also features an anti-slip base and ergonomic handle for comfortable use. The full list of features are outlined below.

Key Design Features:
• No need for batteries or charging.
• BPA Free.
• Innovative bullet shape meaning no mixtures get stuck.
• Anti-slip base.
• Ergonomic handle.
• Airtight lid meaning no leakages.
• Easy to clean.
• Clear/transparent making it easy to take measurements.

Instructions for Use:
NO parts of this Applied Nutrition Bullet Shaker can be washed in the dishwasher. Only fill the 500ml Shaker bBottle with liquids that are drinkable and DO NOT fill it with carbonated drinks or liquids that are fermenting. DO NOT put the blender bottle in the freezer and DO NOT heat it in a microwave oven.



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